Dial a Radio was set up over 6 years ago as a fully owned Kenyan company that specializes in communication targeting regional media

Over the past 6 years, we have succeeded in assembling and growing a team of high-quality strategists, creative, client service and integrated communication personnel.
Dial a Radio is now shifting to a full agency and directly managing campaigns for organizations.
We understand the various demographics and the dynamic media landscape hence are capable of tailor-making effective communication solutions.=

About Us

We go beyond the extra mile to meet our clients’ communication objectives . With years of experience in the media industry, the team at Dial a Radio will stop at nothing to give you the best communication solutions to your marketing needs. From creative ideas, to media planning and buying and below the line marketing, going beyond the extra mile is our motto. We are your go-to partner for regional media within Kenya.


  • Planning and buying (includes monitoring and evaluation)
  • TV and Radio Production

Creative Development

Based on client's product we provide creative concepts to push their products through media platforms.=

Below the line marketing.

These include: Roadshows,Product Launches,Focus groups  =





Below are some of the work we have done for our clients.


  • Safaricom MTIBA: MTIBA/Dala FM Roadshow

    Dala FM in partnership with MTIBA from Safaricom conducted a 5 days roadshow in the Nyanza region to promote registration as well as a la

  • Safaricom MTIBA: MTIBA Church Drive

    Tentacle and Radio Waumini ran 4 church drives to push for awareness and registration about MTIBA. We went to churches around Nairobi wit

  • Safaricom Shinda Mamilli/Dala FM Roadshow

    Dala FM in partnership with Safaricom conducted a roadshow in Migori, Nyanza region to hype the Shinda Mamilli promotion that took place

  • Central Bank of Kenya-Garissa – August 2019

    Garissa CBK Campaign [caption id="attachment_3051" align="alignnone" width="500"]

  • Garba Tulla product Lunch

    pre-hype a livestock product launch in Gabratula in July 2013.=

  • Safaricom live Kisumu,

    We provided pre-hype and media planning to culminate the most successful Safaricom Kenya Live, ever.=


Our Clients

clients we have worked with.



Meet Our Team




On ground management

•Successful on-ground campaigns are more about personalities who understand and relate to the communities visited.

•Tentacle spearheads tailor-made on-ground campaigns. This means that gaming challenges, talk-ups, and even giveaways (where available) are presented along the theme or message of the client’s on-ground campaign. •We provides professional management for roadshows, market days, on-ground activations, e.t.c.

•This includes providing the truck, P.A systems, presenters, and/or comedians from given regions, entertainment (dancers, music), contacting resource persons or officials to provide further information while on the ground.

•After the on-ground, feedback is offered via reports, pictures, videos, and recordings.


Truck – Front View

Truck Side view

Truck – Rear and Interior View

Truck – Side View Open


*21 ft truck



Company Profile

A media planner’s typical world…

…I might be undertaking research with stakeholders to understand their needs, building a brand strategy, undertaking a channel review, and forming a media strategy the next minute. Not having enough time sucks, sometimes cloning seems like a good solution 😉…” Nicky Lloyd.

We collaborate with planners to ease the work…

Why Dial a Radio

Why Dial a Radio

About Dial a Radio

•Dial a Radio was set up 10 years ago as a fully owned Kenyan company – a unique hub of over 50 community Radio and TV stations across the country. •We collaborate with Media planners to create solutions that are human-centered and engage with the hearts and minds of audiences – whatever the channel or touchpoint. •We are very intentional about continuously gathering valuable insights on community media, lifestyle, and events that can complement planners’ rationale for the communication strategy. •We have continuously grown a team of high-quality Communication strategists, creative, traffic, client service, and integrated communication personnel. •Our core strength is community engagement via media and interactive activities within communities. •Our quest is best summarized in our slogan ‘… beyond the extra mile’.

How we compliment Media planners

•Community media strategy. •Creative. •Tailor-made below the line/community engagement activities. •Provide community media insights. •Audio and visual Production. •Campaign Monitoring & Evaluation:-

(a) Qualitative Monitoring: Includes tracking presenters execution by listening to recordings and sharing written reports with key insights based on feedback. •Health Check Reports: Written day one reports confirming commencement and details of the execution. •Weekly status Repots: Dial a Radio will provide weekly updates and feedback on product campaigns/promotions taking place. •Campaign status reviews every quarter with Agency Core Team and Dial a Radio.

(b) Quantitative Monitoring: Tracking the number value placed: Station’s Transmissions Reports (TX Reports) and sample recordings for radio activations.

Why Dial a Radio

•Dial a Radio handles a variety of campaigns across multiple regional stations.

•Media planners find it easy to reach these stations through us because we have forged relationships with them for years hence understand how they work.

•We are also able to negotiate additional value. •We also coordinates the briefing and execution of campaigns to ease the pressure off planners. •We offers qualitative campaign monitoring (as detailed in the previous slide)  as additional value at no extra cost.

Footprint: Clients in Kenya.

CBK/Safaricom partnership – Badilisha Noti – 2019

Project Description:

•The CBK was rolling out the new Kenyan Currency by 1st October 2019. There was need to reach every corner of the country to inform them of the new currency, ask for the public to hand in the old currency before Sept. 30th and to let them know the security features of each new note. This was done via radio and on ground activations.

Stations engaged: 27 Radio stations

Our role

Bring together all regional stations in our docket to attend the briefing in Nairobi by CBK.

To formulate proposals, presenter material for stations

To script, produce and package the radio ads for these regions.

To organize the on grounds that took place in places like Wajir and Garissa which we did with the CBK Governor.

To plan and coordinate radio interviews for the CBK Governor.

To put together a report of the campaign.

DESIP Family Planning Campaign

Project Description:

•The Ministry of Health, UK-Aid and PS Kenya are running a long time campaign on regional radio and TV stations. The purpose of the campaign since late 2019 to present is about sparking conversation among all Kenyans about taking up family planning/ child spacing/ child timing.

Our role

Bring together regional stations in our docket to be a part of the project.

To formulate proposals, presenter material for stations in partnership with the stations

To plan and coordinate radio interviews with stations and campaign partners.

To put together a report of the campaign.

A summary of psk campaigns

Through its media agencies, Dial a Radio has continuously executed various campaigns for PS Kenya from as far back as 2009 to date.

•On numerous occasions we have successfully engaged community media and on-ground community engagements like roadshows, market days, door-to-door visits, den storms, twilight visits, etc. for PS Kenya’s campaigns. •we do for them tailored concepts, scripts, and presenter briefs for target regions.

•We have also conducted RRI campaigns that complemented the projects that include Monitoring & Evaluation, Message scripting, Coordination of interviews

•PS Kenya Campaigns we have worked on: –Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) –Kukachora –Safe Water (Waterguard) –HIV Testing and Counseling –Malaria (Kinga Soap) –TRUST –Femiplan/Married women –DESIP •

Sample ongrounds for PS Kenya in pictures

A summary of Safaricom campaigns

•Collaborating with Safaricom’s media agencies, Dial a Radio has continuously executed various campaigns for Safaricom from as far back as 2013 to date.

•We engage numerous community radio and TV stations across the country. •On numerous occasions we have successfully engaged community media and on-ground community engagements like roadshows, Market storms, Video dens storms, church drives, etc.

•we do for them tailored concepts, scripts and presenter briefs for target regions.

•Sample Safaricom Campaigns we have worked on over the years to date include M-Pesa, Blaze, Safaricom Platinum, Stori Ibambe, Jitambulishe, Shinda Mamili, Tunukiwa, Fuliza, M-Salama, Jichanue, m-tiba, Chapa Dimba, DigiFarm, Sherehekea gorogoro, Safaricom@18, Kenya Live e.t.c.

Referendum 2010; 2013 and 2017 General elections.

•The independent Electoral Commission of Kenya who tasked us to train and brief radio presenters of over 15 local radio stations during the 2010 referendum.

•The objective of these assignments was to empower local radio stations such that they are able to understand the communication and articulate it to listeners while calling for peace and tolerance amongst voters.

Fistula Medical Camps

•Fistula is common among women of all ages but is considered a taboo to talk about or treat.

•The Fistula Foundation carried out a series of medical camps at Kenyatta National Hospital Kisii, Samburu, Mombasa, and needed to reach out to people in the peri-urban and rural areas to avail themselves for the camp. •We conducted a call to action through our partner community radio stations.

•The Foundation received an overwhelming response.

•Azuri Technologies are home solar products’ manufacturers. •In September 2017 they needed to create awareness and boost sales in Nyanza and Eastern.

Dial a Radio’s role was to engage community radios, produce radio ads, Supervised ad script creation, radio presenter brief scripting and coordinating radio interviews.

•We did Radio activations on Radio Nam Lolwe for Nyanza and County FM for Eastern.


0ver 117 sales in each station within 2 weeks.

Over 700 generated leads per radio station over 2 weeks.

•Over the just concluded general elections, Ushahidi needed to hype a short code through which listeners across the country could send in reports on voting.

•Dial a Radio was tasked to come up with a community media campaign that would deliver 10,000 SMS reports and produce radio ads that would reinforce the message.

•We engaged 12 community radio stations which had interactive discussions with listeners to hype the shortcode and drive a call to action.


•Campaign was executed as planned

•7, 500 sms were received.

Production Portfolio

Audio production portfolio

IEBC:  Produced 3 radio commercials and translated them to 21 Kenyan languages. The campaigns were:  2010 Referendum, 2012 Voter Education, 2012 Voter Registration and 2012 Register inspection.

PSI: We produced radio commercials and skits for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC), Diarrhea and Malaria.

HIVOS: We produced a radio commercial for Uchaguzi for the 2013 general elections campaign and translated to 10 Kenyan vernacular languages. •Safaricom/Airtel: Mainly contract us to interpret and translate their commercials and campaigns to various Kenyan languages.

•Tullow oil: Production and translation of Turkana communication. •Solataa: Production a radio commercial in Luo.

KCB: Production of radio features for Sahal Banking.

Almatix, Nemazole, Afya Bora: 2016, 2017 – Production of various vernacular radio ads.

Other Campaigns: DESIP, KCB Mobigrow,


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